Intro to Dye Sub for Beginners V 3.0

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Digital download ebook A5 format 24 page. ** V3.0 Updated July 2021.

This book covers everything from what you need to start, Printer info, Design software,

Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting & more


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Digital download ebook A5 format 24 page.

This book covers everything from what you need to start, Printer info, Design software,

Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting & more.

chapter list

7 reviews for Intro to Dye Sub for Beginners V 3.0

  1. ianrjking

    Here’s my review text…Malcolm May’s “Introduction to Dye Sublimation for Beginners” is a “must read” e-book for all those interested in starting out in dye sublimation printing. There’s lots of valuable, honest advice on different printers, inks and colour management. As well as good troubleshooting information on the typical problems that beginners may face setting up, there’s humour and optimism about how rewarding being involved in dye sublimation printing can be. I King South Australia

  2. robina.hill

    Great Introductory book to Sublimation for Beginners. This book has helped me understand the basic requirements to start me on my journey. It has great tips on the equipment requirements and comparison of various printers, trouble shooting issues, and various other questions I had. A highly recommended read for those novices wanting to get into sublimation!

  3. tombstone71

    I found this book, Introductory To Sublimation a very easy read. It has been written well to ensure you get a good understanding of how sublimation works.
    It gives an honest opinion of available printers, pros and cons. Also a great list of troubleshooting tips
    Great first step for people getting into sublimation
    S Jones QLD

  4. Tara Marshall

    Great book for people new to Sublimation printing The book helped me understand whats needed, as well as simple and easy to understand chapters explaining about colour, inks and printers, trouble shooting and various other subjects I had no idea about. Highly recommended ebook for people wanting to get into sublimation and are complete beginners like myself. 5 stars 🙂

  5. Carissa Kirchner

    I found the ebook very interesting, easy to read. As a beginner I very much struggled to understand alot of information in regards to sublimation especially the colours rgb cmyk, but after reading this ebook I have alot better understanding. Malcolm has written this ebook in terms that even the most beginner will be able to gain better knowledge of sublimation printing.
    Well done Malcolm & thankyou for giving me the opportunity to read & review

  6. copycentre77

    I found this book very interesting, and gained a lot of information regarding sublimation. I have issues with customers regarding the differences between CMYK and RGB, now I will be able to advise better.. Thank you for writing this book and taking my knowledge to the next step. Look forward to the next one..

  7. kddesigns70

    Denis Hawkins K & D Designs july 6th, 2019
    I have been in the sign industry for some 40 yrs and have been subbing for about 20 yrs, when Malcolm asked me to review his book during the writing process i was more than happy to read it.
    I think it is great for people entering the sublimation industry and there is some great reading for people already in the industry lots of helpful information and hints. A well written and easy to understand book i would’t hesitate to recommend it.

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