Printer Review L18050

Epson has announced the launch of the New Epson L8050 A4 Photo Printer and the Epson L18050 A3+ Wi-Fi Photo Printer. The two printers mark a refresh to the company’s photo printer lineup after two years.

As photo ink tank printers, the L8050 and L18050 come with six rather than the usual four ink tanks with the inclusion of Light Cyan and Light Magenta inks. This helps lift the image print quality allowing for images to be more vibrant than typical colour printers that only utilise 4 colours.

Both printers also use Epson’s Image Complement for Down Sample which helps to avoid data loss when an image is downsampled. What this means is that with the use of ICDS, Epson photo printers can ensure that when you downsample an image and reduce its resolution (like text printing), you do not lose its original quality. The actual printing keeps the original details and fine lines that could otherwise be lost when you resize a photo.

They also print faster compared to their predecessors. The L8050 prints at 25 seconds for 4R photo borderless size and 64 seconds for A4 photo borderless, with the latter almost twice the speed of the previous model, the L805 which took 27 seconds for 4R photo borderless size and 121 seconds for A4 photo borderless size. The L18050 takes 27 seconds to print 4R photo borderless, 65 seconds for A4 photo borderless, and 110 seconds for A3+ with a border. Whereas the L1800 prints at 45 seconds for 4R photo borderless size, 150 seconds for A4 photo borderless size, and 227 seconds for A3+ with a border.

Both models also allow the printing of labels on a CD or DVD, as well as PVC/ID card printing. Users can even print on an RFID card to personalise it making a plastic card into a secure staff pass.

The L8050 and L18050 also feature an all-front access port, making their maintenance simple and convenient. By opening the upper side, users can access various maintenance operations without the need to leave extra side space for maintenance purposes, optimising the usage of space.

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