ICC Profiles

ICC Profiles. What they are and how to install and use one. An icc profile is a set of values that is relevant to the inks used. Basically it works out the best colour options specific to the characteristics and brand of the ink, Not the printer. An icc is a file, its not a program so it wont open.Icc profiles are generally only supported by higher end graphics programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity etc. Free graphics software & Silhouette Do Not support an icc and cant be used by them. Your ink supplier can provide you one if they have one for those inks. Cheap unbranded inks will generally not have an icc. To install one download the file to your computer, right click, install, this will send the icc file to its right place. Then open your graphics software, print settings, Colour management options, Printer profile. if installed correctly it will show. Select colour management to be handled by the app or icc, not the printer. Use these setting for all your dye sub printing. Pic shown is for Affinity, Pshops settings are virtually the same.

Happy printing.