Inks – Izumi vs Inktec

Ink comparison test Izumi & Inktec. Both inks printed with a L1300 on izumi paper. Inktec with custom icc, izumi using 6 col icc (4 col icc avail soon) Pressed onto a “satin” finish 100% Polyester. Colours are nice and vibrant with both inks on the paper before pressing. Both inks produced similiar results with Magenta, Yellow & Blk. But the Cyan is where things change. Inktecs cyan seems darker and not as clean as Izumis. This is evident in the mixed image pic. The S and the fairys have a def green aqua tinge to them, the flame and water Ying & yang with the Izumi inks is very close to the original images colour, where the Inktec again shows an different blue to the original image, you can also see this other test pic in the top left colour rainbow where the inktec is very green heavy compared to the Izumi result producing a big difference in the tonal colour graduations.Overall both inks performed well and the colours match well to the PMS swatches pretty close. But personally i will go with the Izumi due to the more true and cleaner blues it prints.