* A- Shipping, After Sales Service & Warranty info

We offer comprehensive after sales service and any help you may require in setting up your printer and getting it up and running and printing correctly.

We have icc colour profiles available for use with izumi inks and full setup instructions and help if needed.

We are no longer pre priming and testing the printers with Epson inks before shipping.

Although this ensured we knew the product was working and printing properly before its trek to Australia, We have found the changeover of inks can create problems and the current concensus is its best to initially fill with Dye sub inks from the start.

Sorry but we dont keep printer stocks in our Brisbane office, only inks, paper etc. All printers are shipped directly to you from our Thai office.

Int Air Courier, Tracked, Average del time 5-8 days. Usually delivered by DHL or Toll once in Aust.

* Updated Freight prices as of 1st May 2022

A4 Printers 5-6kg $125.

L14150 A3+ 11-12kg $225.

L1300/L1800 A3+ 14-15kg $295.




All printers come with a 1 year warranty subject to terms and conditions, use of non genuine consumables via Epson valid in the country of purchase.

For Dye Sublimation use this will void the warranty.

Epson state use of any non genuine consumables, Third party inks can/will void the warranty (see 4D).

non gen inks or any other modification will be deemed the cause of any fault or failure and if the warranty is void or not. (100% of the time it will be void)


We offer a 90 day warranty from date of purchase on any major part failures.

Printhead and colour issues are not covered. (same as Epsons warranty)

Any returns are RTB. They will need to be shipped back to our office in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

All shipping costs involved are the customers responsibility.

Returns are either repaired, replaced or refunded.


pre tested