DTF Artwork

Artwork to be submitted must be print ready.

If they are not suitable or print ready. we will advise

you asap, artwork charges may apply.

File Resolution should be minimum 200 dpi at 100% size.

Low resolution 72 dpi files are NOT suitable.

File formats are jpeg, jpg, png. No vector formats.

Files are to have a clean white background.

Tips and Tricks:

The AcroRip software can print a solid white base under

any coloured pixel. Suitable for Black or Dark coloured garments.

It can also print a half tone white for lighter colours where a heavy

white base is not needed to produce a softer feel to the print.

If you advise us what colour your image is being pressed to we can

adjust the printed transfer to suit the application.

Please advise us if your image is for White, we wont print any white.

When designing for Black garments ideally we want to use the

Black in the design to be the black of the garment for optimum

results and to produce a print utilising the shirts colour rather than

printing large amounts of Black.

Low res files with noise and not cleaned up look like the file below.

We will not print files that are not suitable or print ready.